About Us

About Us:


Dab Lab Technologies Inc., was founded in 2015 by me, Tyler. At that time it struck me there was a need for a different enail, more specifically something that was portable and did not have the battery attached to the vaporization mechanism.

At the time most enails utilized the same heating element technology found in old electric stoves. Which was perfectly fine at the time. However, most people leave them on for hours or days at a time using up tons of electricity. Not only that, but the heating elements are heavy and  exposed to the atmosphere meaning the potential for burning yourself or your property was very likely at some point in the use of the enail.

After hundreds of iterations, prototyping, sketching, I finally came up with a form factor. There was a point I had just about given up and one very late night I came up with the simplest design that exists today. As an engineer we typically over design so when I had the break through that allowed for the simplistic design I knew I had something powerful and had to protect.

At this point I had to engineer the actual electromechanical system. I actually utilized excel and created nested equations with variable inputs and design criteria that would literally tell me if the system worked. These variables included battery life, battery voltage, vaporization dish size & thickness, coil size, coil spacing, coil thickness, and heat transfer equations to determine heat up times. Eventually this program evolved quite nicely and allowed me to try hundred of different iterations while also prototyping tester units. I learned how to wire weld nichrome to nickel using buck booster, capacitor, and resistor. It was a seemingly never ending process that I was totally enveloped in.

After months of all nighters, weekends lost to prototyping and trying different combinations while researching manufacturers. At the time the most critical component was the ceramic bolt which was when I started building a relationship with my ceramics manufacturer. Originally I had planned and protyped with a quartz dish. Later on down the road I realized that ceramic was actually the way to go (better flavor, easier to clean, and more consistent production capabilities).


Fast forward 4 months,  I quite my corporate job and moved cross country to what was supposed to be an awesome co-working space where there was supposed to be all the equipment I would essentially need to manufacturer most of the product in house. Three days after moving out, the partner for the co-working space split up and I was left in limbo. Still having the gut feeling and drive to do this, I kept on and ended having to rent an entire warehouse to myself in order to be able to continue to develop the product and do my glass art which was going to be my living wage while I built the enail company and I figured I could cross market the two down the road.

Fast forward again, the one owner of the co-working space ended up being a genius Electrical engineer who then helped put a brain into my device. While working together when we could with our two busy schedules we managed to develop an entire Integrated Circuit controller that would control the temperature of the nail using pulse timers.

After 4 major revisions, tons of test boards, and UX updates, we finally produced the UX , calibration programs, and functional IC that controls the TNAIL today.

This entire journey was just a by product of passion, interest and an overall interest in aiding the essential oil industry normalize the consumption in a sleek, portable, safe device that allows for all of the optimal vaporization experience  you would get from traditional methods. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing the evolution of this product with all of your feedback.